First-class private general practice in the heart of Knightsbridge

The Sloane Street Clinic has closed

Our Mission and Purpose was that The Sloane Street Clinic should be a centre of excellence for primary medical care (General Practice) offering a a wide range of services and a stepping-stone to high-quality specialist care.

The medical practice was established 52 years ago by Dr Robin Abel Dr. Robert Machpherson, later joined by  Dr Ronnie Williams,Dr. Christopher Drouet and Dr John Ind.  Following the retirement of the originl partners the partnership continued with Dr John Cowen in association with Dr John Ind and a succession of doctors inlcuding Dr Peter Kapff, Dr Ebba Nielsen and Dr Tim Lyons.

We also awarded consulting priviledges to specialists in psychiatry and gynaecology including Mr Thomas Ind MD MS FRCOG FRCS FRCP

Starting in June 2017 we experienced considerable noise from our freeholder Cadogan, "stewards of the area for three hundred years", underpinning our party wall with the building to the north (number 50) to provide a retail outlet. This rendered 51 Sloane Street unfit for purpose and  caused a temporary diaspora of the doctors working here. Inevitably once established locally elsewhere the continuance of practice here diminished and we closed our doors on 22nd December 2018.