Providing a high standard of medical care and expertise

Our Purpose

At the 51 Sloane Street Clinic we aim to provide a high standard of medical care and expertise to all patients choosing the Clinic and a level of personal attention to make them feel comfortable and free from anxiety. We aim to provide a high degree of comprehensive services leading to secondary referral when required. The majority of patients seen at The Sloane Street should have a "one stop" service.

The principal services we offer:

Primary Medical Care (General Practice)

  • Diagnostic facilities
  • Blood, urine and pathology tests
  • Focused referral to specialists
  • Health promotion, medical health reviews

Occupational Health (for small and medium-sized companies)

Immunization (click on individual doctor’s links)

  • Adult and Childhood
  • Seasonal e.g. influenza
  • Business and holiday travel

In-house Specialists*

  • Gynaecology
  • Psychiatry
  • Psychology

* We provide a focused referral service based on a patient’s particular case needs and we have a wide experience and knowledge of medical specialists enabling selection of the best available experts and how they will interact with our patients.

There are a number of specialists who have consulting privileges at The Sloane Street Clinic based on careful compliance with Care Quality Commission requirements but their work is not supervised by the Clinic.

We do refer patients to our in-house specialists but based upon the same criteria as we use for selecting external specialists .