Primary care

  • For most medical problems your consultation should be a one stop visit with a clinical examination and additional tests on site. These inlcude:
    • ECG
    • lung function
    • blood and urine tests
    • eye testing
  • We do not have X-ray on site but excellent service are located nearby
  • One of the skills of Primary Medicine is recognising the need for referral to specialist care when it is indicated and matching the medical, technical and communicative skills of the specialist to an individual patient and his/her problem.  At the Clinic we have an in depth knowledge of specialists and specialities and contacts that are constantly reviewed on the basis of expertise and outcomes.  Increasingly, medical insurers declineto underwrite consultations with some of the very best specialists and restrict their insured patients to a list of doctors that they have finncial agreements with.  In such cases we are always  willing to review and advise on insurer's recommendations
  • Referral for other investigations such as imaging, ultrasound MRI etc. is also a matter for careful choice
  • All our doctors can provide medical service for business purposes, including
    • sickness management
    • pre-placement and in-service medical examinations
    • health promotion
    • employee health problem solving